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Thanks for visiting the European Motors blog! We are a used car dealership located in Plano, Texas. We’ve created this blog to help our customers learn more about buying used cars in Plano, and as a tool for passing along updates about our company as well.

European Motors has been in business and serving the North Texas area for more than 35 years. We are a family owned business with a dedication to customer service and quality.

We are located in Plano, Texas, at 6401 W. Park Boulevard. We serve the entire DFW and North Texas areas, including Frisco, Richardson, Dallas, Irving, San Antonio, Fort Worth, McKinney, and of course Plano.

Our used car dealership includes many makes and models of cars. We generally carry a wide selection of used luxury cars in Plano, including BMWs, Mercedes, Infiniti, Audi, and many others. However we carry many other models and makes of cars as well, and our dealership is great for eveyone from luxury shoppers to first-time car buyers.

At European Motors, we’re very proud of our excellent range of used vehicles, and most importantly, our history customer service, honesty, and success. To learn more about our business, please visit our main website, at www.europeanmotorsusa.com.

Mo IqbalWelcome to the European Motors Blog!

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