Luxury Car Brand Highlights: Mercedes-Benz

mercedes_benz_PlanoSo you’ve finally made the choice to brand yourself with your favorite luxury car. Mercedes has been the Rolex of luxury cars for decades and has always featured the most advanced technological options in every model that can be offered.  If you’re looking for the highest quality mass-produced luxury car, look no further. European Motors has developed a streamlined process for buying your next Mercedes-Benz that will leave you knowledgeable and satisfied long after your purchase.

With awe-inspiring mentions such as the AMG roadster SL65 designed to drop jaws with its speed, and the GL63 AMG available for families that demand the highest luxury when travelling, you have no reason not to find a Mercedes luxury car that suits your needs. There isn’t a model that won’t fulfill every expectation that you have.


Mercedes established its name in quality starting at the end of WWII and this process spanned all they way to the late 1980’s. With a minor slump in popularity, the designers were stumped with themselves until finally in 2007, Mercedes threw itself at quality in order to create some of the best cars they have ever made. The AMG lineup was introduced and was a major hit with luxury car consumers everywhere. With a 6.3 Liter V8 powerhouse, the SLS AMG matches the best-class cars, which can compete with the high racing performance standards of the Ferrari 458.


Going along with the impressive engines Mercedes-Benz was putting out, the modern quality of interior design was totally rethought. Features were no longer measured by a wooden dashboard and leather upholstery. Mercedes was a company famed for being built by engineers, not accountants. Features like the first 4-wheel suspension system and the first cars to feature crumple-zones and ABS have helped establish Mercedes-Benz’s future in innovation. Modern day luxuries include comfort features like Tele Aid and mBrace, which are tied into social features and smartphones to help make dicey situations that require assistance easier, while safety features like PRE-SAFE and ATTENTION ASSIST can automatically and dynamically brace the vehicle for dangerous situations by tensioning seat belts, rapidly closing windows and sunroofs, and even lock the engine to prevent further damage to the vehicle and its passengers.

Although all of this innovation is great for you – the customer, it means nothing when shopping for a used luxury car from a dealer who isn’t educated in the fine features that Mercedes-Benz and other widely reputable dealers offer. European Motors educates every salesman to answer all questions you may have about your future Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes or Porsche and we strive to achieve your satisfaction. We are only successful if you are fully satisfied with your purchase, so for your next luxury car visit Plano’s most respected car dealer.

Mo IqbalLuxury Car Brand Highlights: Mercedes-Benz

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